Feel Good Feel Magic Show

This fast paced fun education program uses magic and puppets to promote:

Healthy Eating
Sharing & Caring

Feel Good – Feel Magic encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s fun approach allows children to enjoy the show while learning key points about the importance of keeping healthy through diet, exercise and caring for others. The show contains strong visual messages that remain in the memory long after the show is packed away.

This show engages the audience from the very start with it’s high tempo fun approach to keeping healthy. A fast paced interactive show that encourages young people to lead a healthy lifestyle. There is laughter throughout the performance from the first magic trick to the last.

The show reaches a high point when Sid the Kid enters to hoots of laughter from the audience. Sid’s response to the laughter, his hilarious comments and actions make it an extraordinary moment in the show.

This show is ideal for pre-school and primary school age children.

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